Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Change Happens to Everyone
When it does, it can bring confusion. Life Transition Coaching is designed for those times when you need clarity to take your next steps.

Is your life out of sync? Have you bogged down, stumbled over an unexpected bump in the road; or have you been handed an extraordinary opportunity to renew your life?

How I Can Help
As a life transition coach, I will help guide you to your highest potential for happiness – happiness based on who you are and what truly fulfills you. I am your companion on the exciting journey to a deeper understanding and appreciation for who you are, where you have been, and where your unique potential can take you.

What is Life Transition Coaching?
Life transition coaching is not therapy. Rather, it is an opportunity to sort the past and present, to take a good look at what works and what no longer serves your best interests. During our sessions, we will uncover misconceptions – compromised boundaries – unreasonable fears – discouragement: in short, we will deal with the baggage you are carrying – consciously or unconsciously – that is holding you back.

What You Can Expect
Like the coach of a sports team, my job is not to make the goals or homeruns. Instead, I work with you to provide
• Support
• Insight
• Encouragement
• New ways to understand and appreciate who you are and what you can accomplish.

Coaching sessions are one hour in length and can be scheduled evenings and weekends. Face-to-face and phone sessions work equally well.

Who Can Benefit from Life Transition Coaching?
Anyone facing challenges such as career choices or changes, quality of life crises, the empty nest, menopause, divorce, retirement or other life events that seem to stop us in our tracks, can benefit from life transition coaching.

Are You Ready?
If you are ready take steps to a more satisfying life, contact me at SWellsLTC@gmail.com and let us begin your journey!