Saturday, July 3, 2010

Clarity is Freedom

Do we know ourselves or are we running on autopilot on the way to another dead end? Unless we take time to understand how our past and present are creating our future, we may be on the way to where we do not want to go.

That lack of clarity about the course of our lives is one of the biggest obstacles to reaching our highest ideals, to living the fulfilling life we dream of, and to being at peace with ourselves.

Last week, I spread 500 jigsaw puzzle pieces on my kitchen table, and I am still being challenged to link them together to create the original design. It is similar to the way we often let ourselves become many exclusive identities in our response to various circumstances.

When we then choose to make a positive change in ourselves, these disconnected pieces make it difficult to move forward as a whole individual. We speak from a segment of ourselves, a persona we have created to, often, satisfy others and not ourselves. How many times do we ask, “What would my spouse/children/relatives/friends/neighbors think if I carved out time for myself alone? Went back to school? Found a job? Left a loveless marriage?”

Our lives are about expressing and developing ourselves. This is not selfish, but about being whole and going into relationships or activities from that perspective. Think what we can give, what we can accomplish if we invest all that we are!

My life coaching practice offers a way to understand and appreciate who you are, to redirect your energy, slowly, like puzzle pieces moving into place, so that your life and relationships can become happier and more harmonious.